Sunday, January 2, 2011

LOOK LIKE? (2010)

Ever since the Norway Disaster*, that broke my "Wee Monk's Tale" dreams and my heart, I have been working on some screenplays to keep me busy.

*You need to know this about me: So I went on this mission to do some networking at the London Book Fair 2010. My suitcases were all packed, including self-published copies of my book, Wee Monk's Tale, The Secret of Immortality; my adapted screenplay, visitor's cards and whatever! My hubby, Anton joined me and so did our two daughters, Michelle and Chantal. We planned a week in Wales and a week in Norway before the BIG BOOKSHOW! I was going to hit London with a BANG! And I wasn't going to leave without a publisher or literary agent. No, way!But, with a BANG the volcanic ash hit us while in Bergen, Norway, and we had no way of getting to London. We were stuck in Oslo for another week. It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life.

So where am I now?

2010 was a terrible year for me and my family - not only did I miss the London Book Fair, but we went through some rough patches with Anton's work as a reverend and my kid, Chantal had a back operation, to name a few emotional setbacks! Wee Monk's Tale was my first born (book) and I worked long and hard on the screenplay adaptation, but later in the year a friend suggested I write a Christian screenplay (drama, ugh!) - I'm more an action-adventure type of girl. But I had the idea and then wrote the script in 3 weeks time. Wow. I was surprised! The name: King's men.

So, I started on another one, a musical, Heartsong, a Greek love story (also three weeks) and now I've started on another one, a more serious Christian-spy story - No name yet... I think something like: Silent weapon. Or whatever. I am doing research now - reading up on drug smuggling and secret societies. Oh, I love it! I already wrote the first 15 pages.I gave up on thinking I will sell any scripts - yeah, I used to think it will come easy and God himself will pave the way, but life is not that simple.

This year 2011, I'm thinking, I'll keep on writing and hopefully, maybe, whatever...I'm not finished with the follow-up book: Wee Monk's Tale, the secret of the mountain troll, either, but I will get there. My heart is still broken - you know, the London book fair, the ash, my faith in God and his plans with me and my own dreams. Maybe it is not meant to be, even though I got good feedback from the Fresh Voices Screenplay competition. Very good indeed. But not good enough to be the winner it seems. Will find out who the finalists are on 17 Jan.
I wrote another play (Musical) for our Church, Samson the Great, and it will be fun to once again entertain the locals! And let the critics loose, because, I mean, really! Why on earth will I use the music of Queen in the life of Samson. Well, come and see for yourself! And come throw your stones, I'm used to it by now. One of the great advantages of thinking out of the box!

May God be good to us writers in 2011 - the aspiring ones, especially. And yes, if Mel Gibson do contact me about my movie, if he gets over his problematic love life and personal problems, then of course, we can still make a lovely movie in Ireland! He is such a good director, actor and person, I know so. I still believe in him. We all had a really bad 2010!

Luv Rene' van ZYL - South Africa

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